Kindle the Vision of Joy and Expectation

stnick_transparentToday is St. Nicholas Day.  A day when we honor a Saint associated with many legends and, of course, most notorious for his reputation as a bringer of gifts.  The giving of gifts is an important component in our psychological health.  Underneath all the commercialism is the simple human need to show our love, care and concern for one another.  I love St. Nicholas Day and the opportunity during the December frenzy to have this space to really consider why I am celebrating with gifts.  It is delightful to know that children in many parts of the world woke up today with all kinds of goodies stuffed in their shoes – an important part of the honoring of St. Nick around the world.

As I begin to conclude a year focused on visioning I would like to invite you on St. Nicholas Day and though December to kindle the joy filled expectation that we had as children about to be visited by Santa.  Know that when we live connected to our passion and purpose we can become like Santa every day.  The joy of living on purpose brings our natural genius and talents to the surface spilling over to everyone we encounter.


One response to “Kindle the Vision of Joy and Expectation

  1. An interesting challenge. I had a friend who had a goal of giving something away every day. This reminds me of her and I try to adapt her goal. I need to stop trying and start doing. Even if I only give away a smile in an unexpected place my goal will be met. Merry Christmas everyone.

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