Building Vision With ‘Open Space Technology’

Deb Nystom of Reveln Consulting begins the ‘super powered’ Open Space session by sharing the rule and principles of Open Space

It’s the end of October and time to think about wrapping up the year and building the Vision for 2013!   If you’re looking for a dynamic way to begin building your vision for next year, Open Space would be an excellent way to begin.  Over the last month I have had the opportunity to experience Open Space twice, both as a participant and a facilitator with the Professional Coaches Association of Michigan. Each time I was struck by the power of this approach to bring out fresh ideas and solutions in fun, effective and very quick time frames.


West Michigan Coaches work together to share ideas around social media.

The method is simple and can also feel a bit chaotic as it begins, yet the results are astounding.  You begin with a group of people interested in a particular topic gathered at the same time.  (It can be anyone from a group of friends, co-works to like-minded professionals).  You introduce the topic, the ‘one’ rule and principles and everyone goes to work.  In the case of the West Michigan Coaches last week we gathered around the topic of social media and in a ‘super power’ session (just ten minutes) over ten topics were discussed with whole lists of ideas created for the coaches to utilize as they build their services in the future.

Open Space closes with a round circle debriefing of ideas shared.

For more on Open Space or if you would like me to lead a session for your group send an email to;  To read more about the West Michigan Coaches process you can connect to:


One response to “Building Vision With ‘Open Space Technology’

  1. It sure was a “super power” session. For groups ready to try something different, with a willingness to share from abundance, rather than from a position of scarcity and territory, it is ideal and generative. Thanks for sharing the link too to Reveln. You are a wonderful partner, Peggy!

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