Keeping the Vision in the Storm

As you might notice from the gap in my blog posts, I had a dramatic change in my life this summer that took me off course and away from the many creative visions I had for the third quarter of 2012.  My parents were in a serious auto accident that left them both with closed head injuries that will change their lives forever and, of course, mine as it relates to my relationship with them and their care.  In the thick of the storm many things come to an abrupt halt and often we must consider alternative routes.

If we can remain open, after the initial shock we will often see that the alternative route offers us much and instead of our hopes being crushed by the change our vision can become stronger.  More and more I learn that it is all a matter of how we choose to perceive what is happening. A client of mine (noting all the sailing ornaments in my space) shared about a retreat she had just returned from.  Her most important take away was the quote, ‘Calm seas don’t make better sailors.’

The simple truth of her statement brought to mind all that I was learning on my alternative route and…. all kinds of great sailing metaphor.  Indeed, over the last several months I had been sharpening my skills in the storm.  At moments I have even needed to ‘heave to’ (a way of slowing a sail boat’s forward progress, so that the boat does not actively have to be steered. It is commonly used for a “break” or to wait out a strong wind.) and plan alternative action. The vision of my destination is still before me – my E.T.A. has just been altered.


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