3rd Quarter Review: Part 4/Final, Formulating New or Continuing Plans.

We have reviewed the last six months with an eye toward learning and examined our level of commitment for the plans we made in January.  Now it is the time for the fun part – at least my favorite part – formulating the ongoing plan.

Hopefully by now you have crossed off any parts of the original plan that no longer serve you and have eliminated any sense of guilt over what did not get accomplished. Using what you have learned from the first six months it is time set a clear vision for what you would love to create between now and December 31st.   My first suggestion is to pick no more than three.  Think of creating a laser focus of intense energy that will produce the result you want in a given area faster, verses spreading the light thinly over a lot of items and taking longer to create the needed energy.

Next, take out a blank sheet of paper for each goal and allow a little time for creative brainstorming about next steps, solutions to problems, possible resources and support networks.  I like to put the goal in the center of the page in order to let the ideas flow all around it.  Use lots of color.  I enjoy linking similar ideas or expansions on an idea with the same color.  Remember brainstorming is not a time to monitor the validity or reality of the idea – it is a time to let thoughts flow to allow for new and even better ideas to come forth.  When you are complete circle the ideas/actions that inspire you and could commit to doing in the next six months.

As a final step create a ‘flexible’ calendar beginning with the end and working back.  Think: ‘In order to accomplish this goal what would I need to have complete and be working on in December – then November – working on back through the months. When you get to August break it down into weeks, until you are asking yourself what you could do this week.   Don’t forget to add in the ideas you circled from your brainstorming session. Keep ‘flexibility’ always in mind as you move forward with these plans!

I look forward to hearing about your successes as you build a very exciting second half of 2012!


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