3rd quarter review: Part 3, Assessing Our Commitment

Assessing our commitment is an excellent practice whether we are off the mark of our projected goal or right on target.  It is a way of reviewing the energy we are giving or are withholding from our project.  Trying to move forward with a goal while we are subconsciously withholding energy will drains us.  It can affect our overall sense of wellbeing and even make us sick.  Assessing our commitment to goals allows us to make new or better choices sooner, that are in greater alignment with where we are today verses where we were six months ago.

Here is a simple process that I have found helpful. Ask yourself, on a scale of 1-10 how committed am I to achieving my intended goal?

  • If the answer is less than 5, identify the following:
    • How important is this goal to the end results I am seeking?
    • Is this goal in conflict with one of my core values? If the answer is yes, evaluate if this is ‘really true’ or if it is in conflict with a ‘should’ or an out of date belief.
    • Identify any feelings of resistance you may have about this goal and the reason for the resistance. Determine if changing your thoughts will aide you in eliminating the resistance or if the resistance is ‘showing’ you that the goal is out of alignment with what you really want or need.
    • Allow yourself to change or illuminate the goal if it is in conflict with a core value or no longer serves you and your vision for the future.
  • If the answer is above 6: identify the following:
    • Acknowledge your high commitment level and ask yourself how you could make your commitment even stronger.
    • Identify what is keeping you committed and take steps to keep supporting this positive influence.
    • Note any remaining or small/nagging sense of resistance and the reason for this resistance.  Examine new ways of thinking that will incrementally help you to be free to totally enjoy the movement toward your goal.

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