3rd quarter review: Learning from our progress

To begin developing our vision for the second half of the year, as mentioned in last week’s post, it is helpful to review the first six months. Remember, it is always important to put our inner critic on the shelf.  Greater progress and energy to move forward are created when we view our experience through the lens of lessons.  Next, review your answers from the questions in last week’s post.  This will help as we move forward in our review.

A useful way to learn from our progress is to make a list of our successes.  Allow yourself a good 30 minutes to really think though each month.  Make sure to include even the small things you successfully completed.  Now ask yourself; “What factors (actions, things, thoughts, emotions) helped you to succeed with each item on your list?”  Pull out a fresh notebook and title it ‘Winning Strategies.’  Write in the notebook what it was that caused/helped you to succeed in each area that you were successful.  These ‘Winning Strategies’ can then be used to help you in the areas that you are not producing the results you want.  Statistics show that 80% of the time we have skills that can be transferred from one task to another.

Now, with your list of ‘winning strategies’ in hand, review again your last six months and write down the areas where your progress has not produced the results you wanted.  As you review this list ask yourself the following questions and decide if you want to keep the goal included in your vision for 2012:

  • Am I still committed to this goal?
  • Does this goal conflict with other things in my life that are currently more important?
  • If I choose to keep this goal, what ‘winning strategy’ could I apply that will help me create the results I want.
  • If a winning strategy doesn’t seem to apply, think about ways you might find help moving forward with your goal.  Remember, most things come to pass through the effort of many.  We don’t have to go it alone.

Note:  Winning Strategies are part of the Success Unlimited Network ® coaching tools used with full permission by Soul Reflections LLC.  Next week we will look at reassessing our commitment.


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