Visioning Success; 3rd Quarter Review

Wow!  Here we are half way though the year!  As many of you know, I have dedicated this year’s blog to Visioning our Success!  July marks another opportunity for new beginnings. As we begin the second half of the year it is important to take some time to assess our progress. Throughout this month I will provide questions to help us with the process.  This month’s blogs will include: Learning from our progress, Assessing our commitment and Formulating new or continuing plans.

So to begin; take time this week to dust off that vision board we created in January and pull out any written plans for action that may have gotten buried!  As you begin to focus on your original vision stay connected to the idea of ‘journey.’  This is not a time to beat yourself up if you are not yet where you wanted to be in July.  Think instead of lessons.

Ask yourself:

  • How have you grown during the first six months of the year?
  • What do you notice is different about where you are now in comparison to where you were in January?
  • How can take what you have learned in the first six month of the year and use that knowledge to create an even more positive outcome during the second half of the year?

Most important, make this time of review an enjoyable process.  Set up your review in an environment you like.  Go for a walk, use quiet music, draw your impressions or use any other activity you enjoy as you begin to review your vision.  Next week we will look at how to use your progress to help you move forward in areas that are not developing as you would like.


One response to “Visioning Success; 3rd Quarter Review

  1. My visioning has lead to people coming to me instead of me going out to find them. My mantra is “I don’t know where they find me but people come to me for help” It really works.

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