Freedom the Ultimate Vision

This week as we celebrate the US Independence Day, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the gift of freedom and living in a country that offers the opportunity for individuals to live up to their highest potential.

Freedom, I believe, is one of the highest ideals.  It is a gift worth living up to and a gift to be shared.  I believe it is good to set aside a day to remember that our forefathers sacrificed much to bring forth their vision of a country that offers everyone the opportunity to peruse their dreams.  As you know, it is a vision and dream that is still being fought for in many areas. For that reason, I thought you might find it interesting to reflect with me upon the vision of freedom and its impact in our life.  Enjoy!

  • Freedom is a buzz word to speak of many things these days.  We speak of religious freedom, financial freedom, intellectual freedom, inner freedom and the list goes on.  What does the word freedom bring up for you?
  • How is your life enhanced because of the freedoms you enjoy?
  • What responsibilities arise as part of the gift of freedom?
  • How does your personal freedom intersect with the freedom of those around you?
  • What does the phrase ‘inner freedom’ mean to you?
  • Are there areas of your life in which you do not feel free?  Why?
  • What would help you to enjoy a greater sense of freedom in your life?

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