Realize Your Vision – Step 7 – Be at PEACE about the process.

This is the final segment of a series that I began in May that covers 7 steps for helping us to realize our visions and dreams.  I think of this final step of peace as a kind of wrapping that holds the vision together.  When we can stay at peace about the eventuality for our vision we are always ‘adding to’ the energy of our creation.  When we begin to doubt ourselves or get caught up in fear of failure we ‘subtract’ from the energy we have to create what we want.

Patience is often the hardest part.  It is good to keep in mind that your vision will come at the most appropriate time.  Visions that happen quickly often dissolve because we aren’t really ready for them. For example, we haven’t yet built the kind of support we need around us. We have all heard of businesses going under because they outpaced themselves and couldn’t keep up with the demand and their customer service became poor.

When we are at peace with the process we can enjoy the journey of the creation. Often the real satisfaction is in the work of creating.  Once we have manifested our creation we find ourselves wanting to create something new.  So have fun in this process!

In the final analysis, there is really nothing that can keep us from creating what we truly want in life – except ourselves.  Our good desires and our passion for the things we like to do is part of the creative activity of the universe.  It is our own poor perception, lack of focus, fear, unwillingness to do what is needed and abandonment of our projects that stop their fulfillment.  A true gift of being human is our ability to imagine more and create.  A gift you can give to both yourself and your vision is to enjoy the harmony of the process and be at peace.


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