Realize Your Vision – Step 6 ‘Establish a Rhythm’

When you are serious about creating something, establishing a rhythm or routine to keep your attention focused is very important. Just like learning to meditate or exercise regularly, your vision will be more easily maintained when you pick a dedicated time to incorporate it into your life.

This is especially true if you are creating something new, outside of what you already do.  For example, when starting a new business, many individuals continue to maintain their current work and fit in their dream/vision job on the side.  Setting up a consistent schedule for your side job (even if it is in the planning stages) establishes a firm presence of its reality.  A set schedule keeps you from letting other activities get in the way and will help others to establish the reality in their minds as well.  A set schedule is a ‘consecration’ of your efforts, literally adding a sense of blessing to your vision.

As you begin establishing a rhythm it is helpful to have start and stop times.  This will keep you fresh and not exhausted by your efforts.  A specific pattern for each day will be far more effective than lots one day and a little or none the next.

Finally, creating a specific routine will help to establish a piece of mind about the building of your vision.  The routine helps to keep you aligned with a steady sense of progress and assurance that you are truly working toward your goals.


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