Realize Your Vision – Step 5 ‘Concentration’

The fourth step of ‘maintaining the purity of your intention’ and the fifth step of ‘concentration’ are very closely related.  As mentioned in last week’s post the 4th is about staying with your original idea (not altering our plans) until we accomplish mastery.  The 5th step of concentration relates to seeing it through until completion.

Although similar it is important to differentiate the step of concentration because we can be swayed off course by fear, doubt and procrastination.  Well meaning but fear filled friends and family not privy to your vision can often convince us we are on a fool’s mission doomed for failure.

Often we begin with great vigor, however, once the bumps in the road and inevitable setbacks occur it is easy to lose not only our momentum and our will to continue.  When I am feeling this loss of momentum I love to remember of Thomas Edison as he was creating the light bulb.  When asked about his failed attempts he said, ‘I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’  Remember that a perceived failure is not really a failure unless you give up.  Until then you are learning.


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