Realize Your Vision – Step 4 ‘Maintain Purity of your Intention’

This means to keep a steady focus on what you originally intended.  There are lots of great ideas out there and we have lots of access to more and more ideas with the use of today’s electronics.  However, when we keep changing our minds about aspects of our project, it is like trying to take several different paths to the same destination at the same time.

When I first read this instruction it seemed simple enough, yet I have found it takes a little more practice than I thought.  It is amazing how many times I can get distracted by a shiny new idea or a suggestion regarding something different.  I also have a tendency to become bored with the process when it seems a little slow.  I need to consistently practice clearing my mind of the desire to revamp everything, start over, or give up and try something new.

In his book, 8 to be great, Richard St. John (who questioned hundreds of the world’s most successful people) brings out the same point in his third trait of successful people; Focus.  In the chapter on focus, St. John points out that taking the wide view can be very important in the beginning as we explore the landscape.  However, to be really good at something we need to narrow down the field, stop dabbling and become an expert at one thing.  He says, “Developing an expertise means we can’t just do something for a week and fly off and do something else.  Becoming successful at anything – a career, a goal, a project – means staying focused on that one thing for months, years, or even decades.”


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