Realize Your Vision – Step 3 ‘Connect feelings of love and joy to the work of your vision.’

Love is the ultimate motivating power in the universe.  The Seven Steps to Precipitation tells us that love is positive, concentrated action.  It gives us consistency under the most trying of circumstances and the correct action at the moment when it is needed most.  Without love nothing is permanently accomplished, without love the clearest vision remains but a cloudy vapor.

So consider this important question.  I am sure you have heard it before:  Do you love what you do?  When you think of the creation of your vision, ask yourself…Will I love the to do what is needed to create the reality.  Will it be joyful?  Maybe you have always wanted your dream and you can visualize yourself with the end result but do you love the work involved?  When we don’t love what we do the quality of our service is poor.  It will drain us instead of giving us life.. in the end we stop working toward our dream.

Of course, that doesn’t mean every task will be immediately agreeable to us – however when we love the results and what the task is bringing to our dream we can create feelings of joy and peace even in the unwanted tasks.  Believe it or not we do have control over this.  Remember our thoughts drive our feelings.  When we recognize our negativity we can change our thoughts to the positive aspect of what we are creating and almost magically watch our feelings become more joyful about what we are doing.


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