Realize Your Vision – Step 2 ‘Examine Your Perception’

This step is about creating a firm belief, clear vision and firm grasp on the details of your vision.  A good place to start is getting in touch with your talents and personal strengths.  A firm believe in our vision comes more easily when we are self-confidently connected to our abilities and awareness of how and when we will need help.

Next take time to develop a very clear picture in your mind of what you are creating.  Visualize what you need without rushing forth.  Neuro Linguistic Programming studies show that visualization is 95% effective in producing the results we want.  So visualize, visualize, visualize!  Begin with the end in mind and imagine as clearly as you can your completed project. Then work backwards thinking though the steps it takes to get there.  See yourself involved in all the aspects and details of your creation.  Notice you feelings.  Stay centered and connected to the fullness and joy of your creating.

Use meditation to help you stay connected to Divine support as you build your vision.   Know that Divine will for you is to serve in joy.  You have a unique role to play and your vision is important and supported.  Know the truth of your Spiritual connection and the fact that what we do in life is an expression of our inner truth.  Connecting the vision of your creation to your spiritual connection will help you maintain a sense of firm belief and trust that your vision will unfold in the timing and method that will support its sustainability.


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