Realize Your Vision – Step 1 ‘Analyze Your Will to Do’

As you start to create your vision it is important that you take a little time to analyze your willingness to do what it is needed to bring it forth.  Sometimes we momentarily feel motivated to do something new but when it comes right down to it, we really don’t have the passion or desire for some of the necessary tasks that would bring the vision to fruition.

As you begin take time for discernment of what is really involved and the stamina you have to see it through.  Start with the basics by asking:

  • Do I really, truly want this vision?   Sometimes we just know we want something better than we are currently living or are feeling pushed by others to make a change, but we haven’t taken the time to name what it is we really want.
  • Check in to see if the vision is connected to your sense of purpose and values.  If not you will battle your subconscious throughout the creative process.  If you are not aware of your sense of purpose and values – start by getting to know these.
  • Open yourself to Divine Guidance.  Notice if you have a sense of blessing upon your vision.  Do you feel guided in this direction?
  • Next ask yourself do I have the WILL TO DO what it takes:  As best you can review what you will need to accomplish your vision and ask am I willing to do this.  Examples: Get the extra education that would help, research the necessary kinds of support I may need, live with family drama around my decision, find ways to acquire the resources I need, etc..
  • Ask yourself:  What you may need as you work toward achieving this vision? What is the worst that could happen along the way?  What will help you to anticipate snags that can arise? Where will you find the necessary support, personally and professionally?
  • Recheck your enthusiasm.  Are you really passionate about achieving this vision?  Is it big enough to really inspire you to keep going?  Will you be able to keep a sense of wellbeing, peace and play as you create your vision?

Checking into our passion before you start can save us a lot of time….we may discover we like the idea of our dream but we really don’t want to do what may be necessary.  Remember your passion will be what carries you though.

Finally know that nothing ever gets accomplished without a decision point.  Ask yourself, is now the time to start.  If not now – when.  It is important to have a strong inner sense of ‘I’m going for it’ and a commitment to start.  Creating what we want TAKES ACTION!


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