7 Important Steps for Realizing Your Vision

Over the next several week’s I would like to review one of my favorite resources for helping to realize our Vision.  The resource is a compilation of writings presented by Thomas Printz, The Mighty Elohim Speak on The Seven Steps to Precipitation. (Precipitation meaning manifesting in this case)

I love this book because the steps are practical and hold to a very high spiritual standard.  While the steps are easily described, in practice they each involve a process that takes time and dedication.  I will list them this week to wet your appetite and then cover each of the seven steps in the next seven consecutive weeks.  If you would like to follow along in the book please read with an open mind and heart.  I will enjoy hearing your comments about how you are or have put these steps into practice as you work toward realizing your vision.  Here are the steps:

1)      Analyze your Will to Do.

2)      Examine Your Perception

3)      Base Your Creation in Love

4)      Maintaining Purity of Intention

5)      Concentration/Consecration

6)      Establish the Rhythm

7)      Permeate the Vision with Peace and Harmony


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