It Takes Action To Achieve The Vision

It may at first seem obvious, yet we often forget to consider the action point of making our dreams a reality.  In several posts I have discussed the importance of adding positive emotion. It is important to know that the purpose of maintaining positive emotion is not just to keep us from debunking the dream, but to help move us toward action.  Nero science shows us that what drives us toward action is not the part of our brain that reasons things out but the symbolic/feeling part (limbic brain) mentioned in last week’s post.  It is amazing to know that most of our purchases and things we choose in life are not based on logic, but based upon how we hope it will make us feel in the long run.

However, unless your emotion leads you into action your vision fails.  It is important to check in periodically to review what actual action steps you have taken to bring your vision to life.  If you note that you have not moved toward action it is often a sign that other feelings in your subconscious may be sabotaging your efforts.  Begin to ask yourself some new questions such as:

  • Am I really willing to shoulder the responsibility my vision will bring?
  • Do I really what to apply the effort needed to create this vision?
  • Is there a core value I hold that I believe may be in conflict with my goal?

Sometimes we need to think about how else our core value can be sustained as we work toward our dreams.  Other times we discover we think we want something that in truth we don’t.  Remember it is not a bad thing to discover you are happier with the way things are than you think.


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