A Visualization Secret

Ok – it is not really a secret – but there is a step that is often missed in the process of visualization.  Frequently individuals feel frustrated because they create vision boards, practice daydreaming and wish and hope and wish and hope and nothing happens. So what is the problem?  It’s the wishing and hoping.  When we practice visualization it is important to imagine as if, already.  Interestingly it is all in our physiology.  The brain does not know the difference between what we actually have in our life and our acting/pretending as if we already have what we want.  When we hope we have something we are really telling our brain it is not here yet.  When we act as if – we are telling our brain it is here.

Think of an athlete who is running a race.  Before the race they see the track and imagine themselves running on it.  They see every curve, every bump in the track, every hurdle.  They practice running the race in their mind and their brain thinks they have already run the race.  When we daydream the results we want as if they are already here, the path to our results becomes much easier because it IS as if we have already done it.

When you practice as if, already, notice the difference in your emotions.  What happens when you are wishing and hoping?  What happens when you are acting as if already?  Send me a note and share your experience.

(For more information on how the brain reacts to visualization see the Feb. 13th post.)


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