Keep Daydreaming!

Welcome to March and our movement into the next phase of the year!  Think of it – spring is officially just fifteen days away!  As you contemplate this change into spring and the month ahead, it is a perfect time to take a few minutes to evaluate how you are doing at bringing your dreams to life.  Then ask:

  • What are the results you would love to create in your life this spring that will continue to move you toward your dreams for the year?
  • How would you like to maintain or increase your vitality or effectiveness this month?

Remember, it is important to keep your dreams in front of you.  Make sure to include steps that move you toward your goals each week in your ‘to do list’. When you do not take the time to include the results you want to produce, the everyday tasks and needs of others can dominate.   Before you know it – everything else took a priority and your dreams went on the back burner. And most important, don’t forget to visualize. Always allow time to daydream the end results.  See yourself in the state of having created what you want.   In that state you can bring forth you next best step toward your goal.


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