10 Tips for Positive Thinking

This week’s blog contains the last part of an article I wrote for Natural Awakenings Magazine this month on positive thinking.  As we practice visualizing it is important to consider that we are actually in the process of it all the time every day.  Our thinking is a visualization process that we are creating with each moment. (Not just when we stop to daydream or imagine our future.)  Therefore as we endeavor to create what we want in life it is important to practice keeping our thoughts positive.  You can view the complete article at:  http://free.yudu.com/item/details/473455/Natural-Awakenings-February-2012?refid=89077

Below is a list of ten simple exercises to help you begin redirecting your thoughts.  As you start keep in mind that it takes practice and the progress often seems slow.  Positive thinking is not a quick fix.  However, you will find that the more frequently you engage in positive thoughts the quicker you will experience a happier life.  In many cases your positive thoughts will not change the circumstances, but they will change your ability to function in the circumstance.  Remember, there isn’t one set formula that is sure to work always. Our ability to experience greater happiness by changing our thoughts is tied up in the complexity of our lives. Positive thinking is a transformational power that will come easier with practice and builds upon itself over time.  Gradually you will find yourself more naturally responding to life with a positive perspective and that feels great!

1)      Practice Positive Affirmations.  Make them congruent with your beliefs and place them where you can see them every day.

2)      Visualize and daydream about what you would love to create in your life.

3)      Ask yourself if your current thoughts are useful or just upsetting to you in the moment.

4)      Keep a good joke book around to read when you need a little uplift.

5)      Focus on the current task to let go of your worries.  We can only take the next best step.

6)      Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself.  Keep this phrase tacked to your refrigerator; “Thou should not should thyself.”

7)       Make a list of things you are grateful for.

8)      Allow yourself five minutes to re-center whenever you need to.  Keep the attitude, ‘I always have five minutes.’

9)      Recognize your emotions as tools that help you discern your experience. If you are feeling bad, recognize the emotion and what has aroused it.  Know you are not your negative emotions. Use them as signals that something needs to be changed.

10)  Think up ways to give yourself new experiences each day.  This can be as simple as driving a different way to work or shopping in the opposite direction in the grocery store.


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