Does Visualization ‘Really’ Work?

In the next couple of blogs I thought it might be good to develop discussion around why and how visualization works.  Personally, years ago I would have argued that it was simple coincidence.   Now I like to call it God-incidence with the understanding that it is a part of the universal laws of how subtle energy works.  We truly are given the gift of creating our own realities with our thoughts and now there is science to back up this truth!

Just for a start, think about successful athletes.   They visualize their successful execution and completion before their events.  Track stars, golf stars, tennis players, you name it the sport…they visualize themselves in every aspect of the event before it happens.  Science has shown us that this works because our brain does not know the difference between our visualization and our action.  As we visualize it is as if we are really practicing.

Here is an interesting study I read about it the book The Tao of Abundance pg 100.

At the University of Chicago, a study was conducted to measure the effects of visualization on the performance of a simple repeatable task.  In the study, three groups were selected and their ability at shooting for basketball free throws was recorded.  The first group was told to practice shooting for one hour each day for twenty days.  The second group was told to imagine shooting baskets for one hour each day for the same twenty-day period.  The third group was told to refrain from mental or actual shooting during the time of the test.  The results were startling!  Performance improved by 24 percent I the first group and 23 percent in the second, while the performance of the control group remained unchanged.  The subconscious mind could not tell the difference between real and imagined practice!


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