A Surprise Visualization Success

I thought it would be fun to begin by sharing stories of times we have successfully created our dreams through visualization.  There’s nothing like a good testimonial for the process to spur us on!

The one I want to share today is a hindsight story.  It wasn’t till years later when the book ‘The Secret’ was popular that I realized I had also experienced the power of visualizing.  Since then I have discovered the secret to ‘The Secret’ is in the emotions. (More on that in another post)

My story begins on the back of an old 21 foot sailboat.  Mike and I and some good friends had finally fixed it up enough to sail it without any of the amenities usually found in a little day sailor.  We were having a blast and anchored out for the first time ever when I wished upon a star for a 32 foot boat.  Late that summer as we sailed along on a beautiful day a big, beautiful sailboat came right alongside – “Nice Day” they waved.  ‘Yea’ we said – ‘nice day and nice boat!’  As they passed by I asked Mike what size he thought it was.  He wasn’t sure but guessed at 32 feet.  Having fallen in love with sailing the daydreaming was easy – and why not daydream big, especially about sailing on one as big as a 32.

Four years later anchored in the same spot as our very first night on the water I realized my dream, my wish upon a star had come true!  I was sitting on a brand new 32 foot sailboat that was not even in production when I first made the wish.  The boat that passed us by had been a different size, yet my dream had come true in a very exactly as I had specified!

Now it’s your turn!  What have you visualized into existence?


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