Visualizing Success in 2012

Have you ever experienced the power of visualization in helping you to build your dreams?  I have!  However, until this month I was using this marvelous tool haphazardly.  As I was planning the results I would love to create for 2012, I was reflecting on how many of the great things that arrive in my life have included at least a little of the visualization process.  Since I was making the decision to really go for it this year, and dream a dream big enough to really inspire me, I committed to making visualization a regular part of my day.

My first step was to create a vision board and begin practicing daydreaming each night as I fall asleep.  My second step is to begin creating a community of individuals practicing visualizing and so the idea of this topic for the year in a blog was born!

My plan is to post my experiences and progress each Monday!  Because I’m ‘visualizing’ a community visualizing (pun intended) I am asking anyone interested to join in the conversation!  I would love to hear about how you go about building your habit of visualizing, your inspiration ideas, success stories or anything you would like to share on the topic.  Let’s create success together this year!  Send me a comment!


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