Well-being: Loving the Journey

Summer vacations often teach us a lot about life.  For my family, living aboard a sailboat as we vacation has provided us with many opportunities that have built character, resilience and flexibility in each of us.  Among the most obvious and valuable on a sailing vessel is enjoying the journey.  No matter how excited you are about your destination, if you don’t enjoy the journey, you are going to be miserable for a lot of your vacation.  In fact, the journey to and from our destinations usually provides the highest potential for both rest and adventure.  My family has, in fact, become so connected to the importance of the journey we often enjoy quoting a fun line taken from Disney’s movie ‘Captain Ron’:  ‘If anything is going to happen, it’s going to happen out there.’   

 The value for me has been learning to apply the love of journey as I live day to day; preparing for events, working toward goals.  Learning to love the journey of my life has been a key ingredient to staying peaceful. Learning to love the journey teaches me to love all of life.  Loving the journey has helped me to move forward when the chips are down or a piece of my dream has fizzled.

 In truth the stories we love to share are stories of our journeys – from realized victories to the journey of falling in love.  And the best part is that real life always leads to a sequel.  There is always more, we never really accomplish it all because there is always more to be accomplished.  So, we might as well learn to love the journey. After all, “If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen out there”!


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