Well-being: Assumptions

Have you ever taken the time to reflect upon your assumptions?  We all have them; we assume we will be treated with courtesy by sales people, we assume people will let us know if they are not able to keep their commitment, we assume our bosses will fill us in on important work details, etc.

Assumptions (taking things for granted) are part of our everyday living.  For the most part we tend not to notice them unless they are not met.  Hanging on too tightly to our assumptions can cause unnecessary stress and be the source for causing us our own unhappiness.  We all do it from time to time – leave the store grumbling about the rude sales person or spend time feeling rejected by no-show appointments.

Here’s a little suggestion that may increase your day to day happiness and overall sense of well being.  The next time you are grumbling, ask yourself what your assumptions are. Example; sales people should always be courteous.  Then ask yourself if this is ‘real’ or ‘true’.  Are sales people ‘always’ courteous?  You will find your thoughts shifting; ‘Of course not – they have bad days too.’  I think of this as ‘turning the channel’ on your thoughts.  The next thing you know you are letting it all go and your day is much happier.


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