Qualities of Well-being

My post from last week ended with a suggestion to reflect upon our personal definition of well-being.  Because well-being is an internal experience our definitions can often be quite different from one another.  While we all have some aspects of well-being in common we also can have several that are very different.  For example, one person may experience well-being when they are involved in busy or adventurous activity (such as my son, while he is mountain biking), another may more often experience well being in quiet and serene situations (such as me, while in meditation). 

Understanding our personal connection to well-being and the qualities of well-being we enjoy provides us with valuable information that gives us clues regarding what motivates us and what may be happening if we are feeling off track or stuck in producing the results we would like in our life.   

To begin, make a list of about 15 different qualities that indicate to you that you are connected with your well-being.  Think of times you have felt most complete, whole, in the zone, at your best.  Then make a list of how you experience yourself.   Example:  When I am my best self I am peaceful, enthusiastic, creative, gentle, spontaneous…whatever the qualities are for you.

 After your list is complete keep it in a space you will see and reflect daily upon how often you are experiencing these qualities.  A simple method is to rate them on a scale of one to ten.  For example, today my enthusiasm was a 6.  Keeping track of your qualities in this way will help you to become aware of how well you are living connected to your well-being and open the opportunity to create positive change.


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