Body Time – Let’s Go Raw Week 3

Back at home on my third week of eating raw foods I was experiencing a mix of emotions.  First, I was really tired of eating salads.  Second, I was cold and really missing hot food.  Third, I was really excited by the results I was experiencing.  Besides the weight loss, I had a lot more energy.  My family began to comment on how I was running around the house earlier in the morning and later into the evening.  I also noticed that my mind was really clear for longer periods of the day.  My blood pressure was down a little – but not near enough to stop medication.

So, I went on a mission for new recipes that would keep me warmer and help with my culinary boredom.  First up was a ‘raw food’ Chili Recipe. The chili recipe I found called for several different forms of peppers, which helps a dish to feel warm plus the chili is served warm (118°).  The recipe tuned out amazingly thick and delicious! Instead of meat the base calls for walnuts and carrots chopped up in the food processor.  The recipe is long so I will just send you to the site so you can print it out.  It is Penni’s Rawkin’ Raw Chili at:  You will enjoy seeing her family video and the pictures that go along with it.

Next I went for taste and I just couldn’t resist the recipe for Chocolate Mousse I found in Jennifer Cornbleet’s Raw Food Made Easy (book is shown in a prior post).  Mmmmm.  The recipe is very simple and I experimented with it a lot during the week.  Jennifer’s recipe calls for:  ¼ c dates, ¼ c maple syrup or agave nectar, ½ t vanilla, ¾ c mashed avocados, ¼ c water and ¼ c plus 2 t cocoa or carob powder.  I found out you can replace the avocados with soaked nuts and the agave also with honey.  The avocados create a creamier texture, but I like the flavor of the nuts.  She also suggests the mousse can be made into ice cream simply by freezing it, then thawing 15 minutes before eating.  I will try that in the summer!


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