Body Time – Let’s Go Raw – Side note; relearning the importance of rest.

I apologize once again for the delay in writing about the raw food journey.  I have been away another week – again spent at the hospital in Traverse City.  However, this time was unexpected.  My Mom had a heart attack.  Many thanks again to the wonderful community that surrounds me and all of the prayers of love, light and healing sent her way – she is now home and doing terrific!!!!   

With all the quick changes that occurred during the initial stages of my Mom’s hospitalization I surprised myself and stayed aligned with my healthier eating choices during the first few days…  Yes, more bland hospital salad (I tell you this really needs to be re-thought – especially in a place of ‘healing’) Then I just plain got tired, as one long day turned into several my resolve began to slip – a little – then more – and more.  By the end of the week I was done for and decided to go with the spirit of Mardi Gras…sugar and animal products galore!!!!!

Lesson reinforced – adequate sleep, rest and play are VITAL to sustaining healthy change in your life!!!!!!   The scale was up three pounds and my energy was low, way low.  Amazing how quickly that happens.  The taste buds were very happy with the return to the old pattern so I had to give myself a couple of good lectures on the benefits of healthy eating with the promise of a couple of great naps!  What a difference a nice long nap and a day of healthier eating can bring!  Energy UP and… onward!


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