Body Time – Ready, Set – Go Raw!

Wow – I see it’s been a while since I have documented my journey.  I have gotten lost in the mid-winter work maze…but am finding much joy in all the new things I am learning in these first six weeks of 2011.  Life is truly amazing!

I started my 30 Day Raw challenge on Monday, January 10th.  The first week went very well.  In fact the healthy eating felt like a great relief after all the holiday indulgences I allowed myself. I did not experience withdrawal or negative detoxifying effects that are often a normal part of the switch to eating healthy raw foods.  After about 3 days I noticed some of my energy returning which really helped with all the extra time it was taking me to shop and learn to prepare the raw food. When asked by a friend if I was hungry eating only raw foods – I told her I was worried I wasn’t going to lose weight because I was so full.  To my delight the following Monday I had dropped five pounds.

My first favorite new recipie was very simple and only required learning to use Soaked Oat Groats for breakfast.  The groats are delicious and very filling.  In fact they are so filling I ate too much the first day, after which I learned to measure only a half a cup.  Pictured on the left are un-soaked groats and the soaked groats on the right.  To soak the grouts simply place in water for 8 hours then rinse and soak another 8 hours.  Let them drain in a colander for about 30 minutes.  The groats can be kept in the frige for several days and so you can simplify and make up a batch that will last you through the week.

The groats can be mixed with all kinds of ingredients which provides great variety for breakfast.  I have mixed the groats with apples and cinnamon, dates and nuts (my favorite), raisins, blueberries, dried cherries (I buy the no sugar added variety) or just about any fruit you might like.  Instead of dairy for milk I use almond milk – Yummy.  In addition – raw foods can be warmed as long as you don’t heat above 118º, which really makes the oat groat cereal very nurturing for me on these cold winter mornings.


2 responses to “Body Time – Ready, Set – Go Raw!

  1. So where do we get these goats? Please post more ideas. This covers breakfast, how about lunch and dinner. What were your typical meals? “Interesting.”

    • Hi Vicki,

      I have been shopping at Foods For Living which is on the corner of Grand River and Park Lake in Okemos. The oat groats are in the bulk section by the spices. A lot of the recipes I make come from two Raw food recipe books I bought there; Raw Foods for Busy People by Jordan Maerin and Raw Food Made Easy by Jennifer Cornbleet. They both have nice websites. Jennifer’s is: and Jordan’s is: Just googling Raw Foods will give you lots of recipes and You Tube clips to browse. I will continue to feature some I have tried on the blog.

      Thanks for your comments – Blessings, Peggy

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