Heaven always helps to line things up when we are ready!

As I learn to prepare raw foods I often feel like a stranger in a foreign land.  I wander around the local health food stores, scratching my head, with a list of ingredients that I feel totally unfamiliar with.  Along with the list of new ingredients I am also learning a whole new way to create meals since food is no longer cooked but prepared.  And there is lots of preparing to do!  Especially since I am so unfamiliar with the recipes! I have often needed to plan an extra hour to prepare for dinner, if I want to create something other than a salad.

However, God’s Grace stepped in to save me a bit. Along with new ingredients there were also several different kinds of appliances that I didn’t have.  One was a good blender and the other a juicer, which are staples in the raw food world.  Having just spent all my money on Christmas I was determined that I would get by without them and then…. I had a very pleasant surprise.  A very generous friend of mine, who is very excited that I was making this change, brought me a Christmas present in the form of a debit card that would allow me to purchase BOTH!  What an incredible gift!  And another testament to the truth that heaven totally lines up to support us as we take action to create our dreams!


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