Body Time 11: A New Plan

The entries for ‘Body Time’, my 2010 journey toward optimal health, left off before Christmas time with my experiences up through September.  Slow change continued to take place though the month of October.  I stayed committed to my walks with Chris and enjoyed the great encouragement we gave one another.  In fact Chris is excellent at researching topics we are interested in on the net and often emails me lots of wonderful information and encouragement. 

Throughout October much of our discussion was centered on healthy foods. In November she introduced me to the idea of a raw food diet.  I was fascinated with the information she shared but not entirely convinced it was something I would want to try until she sent me the link to a Simply Raw Video Series.  The series includes a video trailer for documentary film about a group of individuals with diabetes who were offered the opportunity to take a 30 day raw retreat under medical supervision.  The healing results that were achieved by these individuals, in just 30 days of eating raw, is miraculous! It opened my mind to a whole new world.  Here is the trailer: 

I also encourage you to click on the following link which has a series of interesting clips on the subject.   I especially liked the information provided by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

After spending some time previewing the links from the ‘Raw for 30’ series I decided to give it a try in January.  I took seriously the advice to begin slowly and gradually integrate the dietary change into my lifestyle.  Especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner I didn’t want the extra challenge of trying to create the change during the holidays.  However, I did commit to preparing myself for the raw diet during the month of December.  My plan was to drop meat products and begin the process of learning raw food preparation and recipes, at least one new recipe per week.  And so a new adventure has begun that has already included some wonderful surprises and personal challenges that I am looking forward to sharing with you.  I hope you will take a look at the series. Even if you are not struggling with health or weight issues the series is packed with a lot of good nutritional information that we shouldn’t be without.


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