Body Time 10: New Year – New Projects!

Happy New Year to All!  I hope the start of your year is filled with anticipation, joy and all the excitement and wonder that fresh starts and new beginnings bring to life.  As we enter 2011, I have felt a special stirring – that is also sensed by many that I have spoken with – that there is something special about this year.  It is a feeling of renewed hope and joy, an excitement about the possibility of special dreams coming into fulfillment.  It is my sincerest hope and daily visualization that during this year we will all realize the potential of living into the fullness of God’s marvelous intent for our lives!

Throughout the year, it is my intention to continue sharing my journey toward optimal health in this space.  I hope that in some small way the twists, turns and learning of my health journey will be of service and encouragement to others who are journeying toward their own goals – health or otherwise.  I believe with my whole heart that our learning is exponentially multiplied when we bond together in community.  As we go along I will continue introducing you to many of the friends and community that are of great support to me along the way.  I also hope you won’t be shy and will have fun sharing your comments and thoughts in this blog space about the things you have learned on your journey. 

My heart is filled with much love and gratitude for all we share together, Peggy    


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