Body Time 7 – Are You Stuck? The Art of Visualizing

A big breakthrough that occurred for me this year happened in early August.  The outer effects, of course, are still in process.  However the inner change created by an experience I had with my coach, Dr. Joan King (see Body Time 4) has been nothing less than life altering.  I was working with Joan on the effects of visualizing. Visualization and Imaging are a huge part of coaching programs.  In fact NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) studies indicate that 95% of the results we want can be created by imaging.      

 Joan had asked me to pick one of my goals to work on in visualization with her.  I chose the ‘optimal health’ goal and then she asked me what I wanted to create.  I told her I felt stuck with exercise.  She then had me close my eyes and asked me to think about what kind of exercise I liked.  I first told her, ‘sitting on the couch or the boat with a book.’   After all, our eyes do move back and forth.  Then more seriously I told her swimming and walking.  She then had me not just picture myself doing these activities but really getting into them.  Talking to her about how about what I saw as I was doing the activities, the feelings I was experiencing, describing to her images in living detail.  Afterward she told me to just let it go, not think about it and watch what happens. 

Walking Buddy Chris

The results were AMAZING to say the very least.  It was summer and we were on the water a lot so I expected an opportunity or two to swim instead – truly – without thinking or planning it there were MULTIPLE opportunities for swimming.  And, even better yet, just four days after my coaching session with Joan I was invited to go for a coffee with a fairly new acquaintance (Chris O’Connor) from a book study I was participating.  The two of us felt a connection and had been looking for an opportunity to get to know each other.  Our conversation flowed easily and pretty soon it turned to diets and exercise.  Chris started talking about how she wanted to start walking on a regular bases and I kind of shyly asked her if she wanted a walking buddy.  She was floored, she had, in fact, just recently sent up a prayer asking for a walking buddy.  I started laughing and told her about my visualization exercise with Joan.  It was a true moment of connection, awe and wonder at how the universe truly does conspire for our good!  Chris and I have been walking ever since and we hardly know we are.  We have such a great time talking and sharing as we walk that we are never ready to be done when the walk ends.  It’s so much fun for both of us and it is even better than we ever imagined!


One response to “Body Time 7 – Are You Stuck? The Art of Visualizing

  1. Yes, that WAS amazing, Peggy! I had been working with the Esther Hicks ‘Abraham’ teachings and had just that morning made efforts to open the way for the perfect walking partner to appear. I remember being very tired that evening and all I wanted to do was go home and put my feet up but I kept getting this prompting, over and over again, to ask Peggy to go for a coffee. And sure enough she started talking about needing to exercise and walk. I recall her saying that Joan had told her that when we let go the resistance you will be amazed at how FAST things manifest. Boy is that ever true! We had perfect synchronization that night but it also took being open to follow inner guidance and not succumbing to the old habits of ignoring them and choosing inaction instead. We had such a good laugh that night and have been true blue friend ever since so I got two wonderful things in the bargain!

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