Body Time 4 – You don’t have to go it alone!

I would like to back up in the story just a bit to introduce you to a couple of my helpers.  As a Success Coach and Spiritual Director I have a deep commitment to working my own processes.  For me to be in service to others who are seeking to make transformations in their life is also about being attentive to my own processes.  Just as my clients seek out my services as a tool for their growth, I am committed to my own personal growth.  The transformations I have made in life are a direct result of the seeking out and learning from the resources and gifts of many wonderful people.  Without a doubt, I can tell you from experience; it is always worth the investment.  In the beginning I worried that it was a bit of an extravagance and a little self indulgent.  However, I learned quickly that investing in your self is never selfish.  As one changes and grows the transformation has a positive effect, not just for ourselves but also for those around us.  Even if the changes initially create some discomfort for others, it can eventually provide the impetus needed for their own positive transformations.

In February I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a retreat given by Dr. Joan King.  Joan is the founder of Beyond Success LLC.  She is a Neuroscientist and Professor Emeritus of Tufts University School of Medicine and is credentialed as a Master Certified Coach.  During her visit here with us in Lansing, the wisdom and reflection she shared created for me an exciting new curve in the direction of my work and passion. Since that time she has been a regular source of inspiration for me and my service in the world and is my personal coach and coaching trainer.  In the beginning of our work together I affirmed and redefined two important aspects of my life.  First I expanded Soul Reflections services to include the coaching component and second I redefined my weight loss goals to more accurately reflect my desire for optimal health. As we go along I will be sharing lots of the inspiration and wisdom she has imparted to me.  To learn more about Joan you can visit her website at    

I would also like to introduce you to Dr. Joni Rognon.  Joni is a good friend who is also an Osteopathic Physician that works with various complimentary healing modalities.  She also has a deep commitment to Non-Violent Communication as a way of life. As I began my coaching work in May, Joni and I agreed to trade services.  She became one of my first success coaching clients while I became the first client she received as a Body Coach.  I am also looking forward to sharing with you the wonderful ways Joni has reconnected me with my body and increased my awareness of its movements and needs as I have moved toward optimal wholeness.

 Joan and Joni have brought me tremendous gifts this year. They and many others I will introduce to you are a part of God’s gifts and grace in response to my seeking. They are investments I have made in myself that are paying off in huge ways.  I am deeply grateful for the assistance and support they provide for me along with many others in my community. The truth is that our successes in life are rarely, if ever, achieved alone. In most cases there are teams of people behind each accomplishment.  At the very least there has been a teacher, friend and confident or a parent.  So, I encourage you – don’t be shy!  Find your cheerleaders, gather your supporters and all the professional help you need.  You are worth it!!


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