Body Time 3 – A ‘Jolt’ Forward

As you might guess, the dedication to the South Beach Diet never returned.  Gratefully, however, some of the healthier habits did stick from March through June.  I didn’t lose any more weight but I didn’t gain any back either.  Excited to be more active and more outside during May I was doing my usual planting and gardening.  As often is the case with new exercise I experienced the aches and pains that come with the extra activity.  I was also experiencing some chest pressure that would come and go, which I decided to blame on the pollen from weeds and cotton woods trees that I was in close contact with.

When June arrived the pressure hung around more and eventually started creeping into my left arm.  Ok – now I can be neglectful and very stubborn about taking care of my physical body – but I do understand my family health history which includes heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.  Not having seen a doctor in over three years and having planned to make a switch from the last person I was seeing, I didn’t have a physician’s office I wanted to call.  So, with Mike at work an hour away and both of the kids at their respective homes, I took myself off to the local Ready Care.  I was sure they would tell me I was experiencing a little congestion from the pollens. 

Oh what an interesting web our mind can weave….  As it turns out  my blood pressure was very high.  It was partly ‘white coat syndrome’ – however, when there is chest pressure and high blood pressure no one messes around.  And so, I got to experience all kinds of firsts; EKGs, nitroglycerin, a ride in an ambulance, a stress test, and an overnight in the hospital that was not related to child birth…  As it turns out, although the tests still showed that I had hypertension and high cholesterol, what I was experiencing in my chest was Acid Reflux.  Whew!  That felt a little like get out of jail free – with an additional jolt to get going with my health care.

It is always interesting to me that wonderful opportunities exist in all situations when you look for them.  I happened to have a wonderful roommate in the hospital.  We made the best of a sleepless night together and truly enjoyed each other’s company.  As we chatted she told me about her doctor who runs a small personal practice and is open to natural alternatives and complimentary modalities.  When I returned home, I was amazed to find that as a new client I could be seen in just a couple of days. Since then I have had excellent regular care and a slow process of discovering the best way for me to move forward with medications and alternative methods.  My preference, of course, will be to eventually eliminate all of my medications as I progress toward bringing balance and optimal health back to my body.


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