The beginning of BODY TIME

As mentioned in my last post I would like to begin using this space to share our stories of success and the lessons we are learning along the way.  I believe our potential for growth multiplies exponentially when our learning is shared.

This year for me has been one in which my lessons surrounding health have stepped forward.  My natural preference, of course, as a Spiritual Director and Success Coach is emotional and mental health.  These are for certain all connected, but this year my physical body decided to speak loudly about my propensity to ignore its existence. Truly, for me, it just made life easier if I gave this third of my life ‘a quick daily wash over’ and kept going. My body is strong, rarely sick and truly has taken a lot of punishment from my neglect.  There are many reasons why I believed this was easier which I will share as the journey unfolds.  It is interesting to find I am no longer angry with myself about what might be seen as my excuses for this.  In fact I believe our life lessons unfold the way they are supposed to.  I believe the choices I did make helped me along in exactly the way I needed at the time.  For me, much work needed to be done to improve my emotional health before I could really look at how I have been treating my physical body.  As a result of the other care I give myself I enjoy excellent health in many areas of my life including; family relationships, friends, service, spiritual growth, personal growth and FUN. I truly believe these needed to come first for me.  However, this year, my body said – MY TURN!

It started around a year ago.  I don’t know how to describe it other than that I felt miserable – bloated – tired – low on energy – lots of aches and pains which lead to lots of grumpiness, with no outside reason to be grumpy.  But it was Thanksgiving, then Christmas time and I was not up for the amount of willpower I thought it would take to start a diet during the Holiday Season.  On top of the Holidays in our family we also have several birthdays so it is definitely PARTY season!  At the time a struggle with another diet seemed like the only answer.  After all – it is no secret that I carry around a lot of extra weight.  It makes sense that my body is rebelling.  But by the time January hit – if I thought I was grumpy in December – whoa – I didn’t even recognize myself that first week of the year.  So – finally – a lot begrudgingly – I finally got it that I needed to start paying attention to my body.  After all – my passion is about wholeness.  (Body/Mind/Spirit)  Hello – Peggy – BODY TIME.


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