Sharing our Journey

As we move into November I find myself already reflecting back upon this year. It is a natural part of my work and comes quite easily for me.  So, I have been reviewing my accomplishments, taking stock of what may come to completion in the next few weeks and visioning what readjustments and new goals I would like to create for 2011.  One thing I notice immediately is a new ability to concentrate more on my achievements than on my failures.  In fact, I don’t even like to think of what I didn’t achieve as a failure anymore, instead I think of them as things in which I had deeper learning taking place than I anticipated.  Believe it or not, that fills me with excitement, since I love to learn and dig deep into personal experience!

In the next few blogs I want to begin sharing some of my success from the last year and areas of deeper learning.  In return I would love to hear about your success and areas of deeper learning.  Sharing our journeys and telling our stories will bring our learning more fully out from our subconscious and into our conscious.  This has amazing positive effects that include; highlighting our personal strengths, illuminating our next steps, sharpening our discernment, building our self esteem, and healing our past, plus so much more.  I hope sharing my journey will bring benefit to those who may find themselves with similar lessons.  I know that sharing our journeys multiplies the positive possibilities for everyone! I hope you will join me; I look forward to reading your stories and comments!  Warm Regards, Peggy


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