Yesterday I participated in presenting a retreat that introduced the practice of Spiritual Direction.  During the session one of my colleges reminded us that, ‘mystery is not unknowable, it is infinitely knowable.’  Each time I am reminded of this truth, it is like receiving a gift that encourages me toward the adventure of life.  As my college mentioned, many times earlier in my life, I also had been told to stop trying to figure it out.  “A mystery was just that – a mystery.”  Yet my inner self knew the truth, there is always an answer and then there is always even more than the current knowable answer.  It is what moves us forward and makes life interesting. There are infinite answers and infinite possibilities, so much to explore and know and then explore some more.  Isn’t it AWESOME!


One response to “Mystery

  1. So very true, Peggy! It was a most inspiring day and that quote about mystery stands out. I’m grateful we were able to hold this event! Thanks.

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